Southern Saskatchewan
August 26-29,2021 - Mankota, Saskatchewan
Hilltop Sheepdog Trial 2021
Watch the remarkable relationship between the handler and their dog as they move sheep through a course.  Top dogs and their handlers from across North America will be in attendance to compete for the top awards!
Click to the left to find out about the village of Mankota, Saskatchewan-host to Hilltop Trial . 
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Never seen a trial before? Click on picture on right for guide to what the scoring and the course consists of..
Don't forget to sponsorship a team!  A sponsorship of $125 -$200 may lead you to win up to $2000 or even more(based on large dog entry)! Click on picture on left for form.

Directions to Trial site Trial field directly behind Mankota Stockmen's Weigh Station - Turn at Grassland's Inn and follow signs.
Bring your lawnchairs!!!
by donation
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Grasslands Park
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A great family event! Guaranteed that you will be amazed by the competitors and their dogs!
Please be aware of social distancing !!!