Hilltop Sheepdog Trial 2019
Sponsor a team today!!  An open team for $125 or a pro-novice team for $100.  If your team is one of the top three which win in the open (double lift) or overall pro-novice, you will also win a portion of the 40% of the proceeds in the events.  Teams available for sponsorship will be posted on the running order as they enter the Championships. 
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Thank you to our 2018
t​rial sponsors!!

McCord Coop
Grasslands Inn
Petfood Source​​
Mankota Stockman's Weigh Company
Mankota Promolas,
​Poplar Valley Animal Clinic,
Southland Co-op,
Innovation Credit Union​
Sheep Creek Classic
Dry Creek Ranching
Flying T Ranch
Lafleche Pharmacy
Debbie and Ernie Boker
Beverly Switzer
Sharon and Mike Shervin
EasyHawk LTD/​​​​​​​​Emerald Springs Limousin
Neil Deringer
Hilltop Ranch
Rod and Deb Nelson​​​
Big Sky Agencies.​
B & A Petroleum
K & K Gillespie Cattle Corp​​