Western Canadian/Hilltop Sheepdog Trial 2023
Sponsor a team today!!  $125 for a draw for a team, or $200 for your personal pick.  If your team is one of the top three which win in the open (double lift) or overall pro-novice, you will also win a portion of the 40% of the proceeds in the events.  Teams available for sponsorship will be posted on the running order as they enter the trial  
Sponsor a team!  ClickHERE for form.
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Thank you to our 2022
t​rial sponsors!!

Boehringer          Poplar Valley Animal Clinic  Elanco
Debbie and Ernie Boker     
Petfood Source   Elanco​​
 Prairie Dog Services    Neil Deringer   Mankota Liquid Feed      Hilltop Ranch    Innovation Credit Union
 Solange's Garden  Big Sky AgenciesBev Switzer​   Grasslands Inn   Gordon Wilson    McCord COOP   Innovation Credit Union  Doug's Junction     Lafleche Autobody     90 Mile Farms      Mankota Stockman's Weigh Company​  Swanson Boys
​ Dr Alan and Elva Raymond      Merles/Joanne Kress  Family   Gavelin Ranch    GlenDar  Angus     Williamson Ranch 
​ Lazy H Hereford    Bar T Ranch  Sandy Bar  Angus  Bob Nielson​​​  K&K Cattle Corporation    Roy and Ruby Sayers 
​Danny and Treena Blake   Horsecreek Ranch   Chanig Ranch
Zerr Cow Trails  Prairie Dawn Roadhouse​  Barb and Dean Seely
 Leonard and Cathie MacDonald     Doug Williamson  Judy Smith   Raymond Land and Cattle   Clearview Angus  
Dry Creek Ranching​    Stan McCrea Family   Lion's Club
Lee Sinclair and Heather Getz  High Rise Farms  Billimun Acres
Debbie Wallace and Stan Scribner   Baron Ranch
April and Shawn Williamson     Ben​​ and Barb Switzer
Trevor and Bonnie Chanig    Dusty Hawkins  Et Lasta Ranch
Cathy Cameron​​​  Raymond Land and Cattle  Warren Allin
Lorne MacDonald  Tiffany Thomas  Rosalie Swanson  OK Ranch
Ricky Gebhart​​

Thank you to our 2023 auction sponsors
Hilltop Ranch
Sheepcreek Farms
Summercove Bison
Solange's Garden
The Dishrag Hag
McCord Coop
Gwinner's Country Butcher​​​​​​

A total of $2692 raised
Thankyou to all
bidding participants!!​​​​​